Who Needs Christmas

The details of the Christmas story are amazing . . . and can seem a bit unbelievable. There is the angelic announcement to Mary that she will give birth to the Messiah. The dream from God that convinces Joseph to take Jesus as his own son. The angelic host who announces Jesus' birth to the shepherds. The madness of a king who tried to put an end to Jesus' life.

The narrative of Jesus' birth is miraculous. But as pastor Andy Stanley explores in this four-session video study (study guide sold separately), when you look at all the events in the Old Testament leading up to this point in time, the unbelievable story of Christmas becomes quite remarkable.

It was only "when the set time had fully come" that God sent Jesus into the world "that we might receive adoption to sonship" (Galatians 4:4–5). God sent Jesus to do what laws and regulations, judges and prophets, and exile and punishment could not accomplish. He sent Jesus not merely to deliver us from the penalty and consequences of our sin, but to actually break the power of the enemy and free us from our slavery to sin.

Through Christmas, we are reminded that even when it seems God is silent, he is always working. God sent Jesus not simply to be the Savior of the world but to be the Savior in our world. Through Christmas, we are reminded that God always keeps his promises to us.

4 sessions
Duration: 1:21:58

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