Wild At Heart - Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

In this completely new video series based on the bestselling classic, Wild at Heart, John Eldredge reminds men they need adventure in their lives . . . in their work, in their love, and their spiritual lives. He reveals how God designed men to be dangerous. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: to be a hero, to be a warrior, and to live a life of adventure and risk.

8 sessions
Duration: 2:56:42

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Wild at Heart, Session 1, The Heart of A Man

Duration: 18:51

Out of your masculine heart flows all of the things that make your life worth living—friendship, love, adventure, career, your dreams, and your relationship with God. If you look at the games that little boys play and the movies men love, you will find in every man’s heart three core desires: a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to love. You simply have to get your heart back.

Wild at Heart, Session 2, The Poser

Duration: 19:35

Every boy has two questions in life: Do I have what it takes? Am I powerful? Most men live their lives either haunted by the Question or crippled by the answers they’ve been given. The Poser is a brilliant counterfeit constructed out of our wounds and our sin. We need to be honest about the Poser we have constructed, name it, face it, and lay it down in our search for a deep and genuine strength.

Wild at Heart, Session 3, The Wound

Duration: 20:25

We are wounded, and with that wound comes a lie about us, the world, and God. The wound and lie then lead to a vow—a resolution to never, ever, do again whatever it was that might have brought the wound. We tend to mishandle our woundedness by minimizing it, denying it, or embracing the wound as what is most true about us. Yet the mission of Jesus is all about restoration.

Wild at Heart, Session 4, The Battle

Duration: 20:48

A man needs a battle to fight. He needs a place for the warrior in him to come alive and be honed, trained, seasoned. If we can reawaken that fierce quality in a man, hook it up to a higher purpose, and release the warrior within, then the boy can grow up and become truly masculine.

Wild at Heart, Session 5, The Beauty

Duration: 21:07

God made us warriors to fight for the hearts of the women in our lives. It takes courage to love. It takes resilience and a fierce heart. But this is what we are made for. To be the warrior on her behalf. To invite her into a great adventure.

Wild at Heart, Session 6, The Adventure

Duration: 21:03

The amount of risk with which you are willing to live is a direct correlation to what you believe about God. It’s never too late to pursue adventure. God has wired you for adventure in very specific ways. Now it’s time to follow him into the adventures that he has for you.

Wild at Heart, Session OLD, Healing the Wound

Duration: 20:48

In Session 4, "The Battle", learn how God wants to restore you and set you free.

Wild at Heart, Session OLD, A Band of Brothers

Duration: 34:05

In Session 8, "A Band of Brothers", John Eldredge explains that no man should walk his journey alone. Learn how to form your own band, how to fight for it, and how to live together, as a Band of Brothers.

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