You Teach: Volume 1

Stop looking through piles of books or files of documents trying to put together the perfect lesson. The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, have compiled it all for you! In this new video series from the Skit Guys, you’ll get more than just funny videos! You Teach Volume 1 covers everything from laziness and accountability, to love and God’s will.

7 sessions
Duration: 27:47


You Teach: Volume 1, Session 1. Cards You've Been Dealt

Duration: 4:43

In Session 1, "Cards You've Been Dealt," you will learn how to play the cards you’ve been dealt by looking at the Old Testament story of Job—a man who had both good and bad cards in his hand.

You Teach: Volume 1, Session 2. Too Deep, Too Soon: I'm in Love with You

Duration: 0:59

In Session 2, "Too Deep, Too Soon: I'm in Love with You," you will learn that going too fast in a relationship usually causes awkwardness, pain, and emotional confusion—in other words, a recipe for disaster.

You Teach: Volume 1, Session 3. God's Chisel

Duration: 9:05

In Session 3, "God's Chisel," you will learn that the painstaking work of change must take place for you to become the person God desires. This process of God chipping away with a metaphorical chisel is known as “sanctification."

You Teach: Volume 1, Session 4. Mr. Accountability

Duration: 5:10

In Session 4, "Mr. Accountability," you will learn biblical strategies that help followers of Jesus live lives of self-control and, in turn, please God and bless others.

You Teach: Volume 1, Session 5. Overcoming Laziness

Duration: 4:41

In Session 5, "Overcoming Laziness," you will learn that the lazy person’s life is marked by selfishness, arrogance, and irresponsibility, all of which can mean a bleak outcome.

You Teach: Volume 1, Session 6. The Comfort Zone

Duration: 1:51

In Session 6, "The Comfort Zone," you will learn that Jesus calls you to engage, love, serve, and reach out to people you may not know and in ways you may never have experienced.

You Teach: Volume 1, Session 7. World vs. Christian: The Bible

Duration: 1:18

In Session 7, "World vs. Christian: The Bible," you will look at examples from the Bible of people God used to tell others about his good message.

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