You Teach: Volume 3

You Teach: Volume 3

Stop looking through piles of books or files of documents trying to put together the perfect lesson. The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, have compiled it all for you! In this new video series from the Skit Guys, you’ll get more than just funny videos! You Teach Volume 3 covers everything from relationships to faith to God’s will.

7 sessions
Duration: 33:53


You Teach: Volume 3, Session 1. NeedHarmony

Duration: 3:19

In Session 1, "NeedHarmony," you will learn that it's tempting to try to find your own way to happiness, but without God, this will only result in a crash and burn scenario.

You Teach: Volume 3, Session 2. Friends Tell Friends Everything

Duration: 9:32

In Session 2, "Friends Tell Friends Everything," you will explore the many topics you discuss with your friends and understand the most important topics you can discuss with them.

You Teach: Volume 3, Session 3. The Mourning Booth

Duration: 4:57

In Session 3, "The Mourning Booth," you will explore the difference it makes if others are willing to sit next to you and share your pain, sorrow, hurt, and trouble.

You Teach: Volume 3, Session 4. The Parachute

Duration: 4:02

In Session 4, "The Parachute," you will learn that death is a subject that everyone needs to deal with, no matter your age, and that you need to be ready to face it.

You Teach: Volume 3, Session 5. What Is God's Will?

Duration: 4:42

In Session 5, "What Is God's Will?" you will look at how God designed you, your likes, dislikes, and natural abilities to discover that God built a special purpose into you from birth.

You Teach: Volume 3, Session 6. Perception vs. Reality

Duration: 5:26

In Session 6, "Perception vs. Reality," you will learn that knowing the truth found in the Bible and living according to its reality results in becoming more like Jesus in every area of your life.

You Teach: Volume 3, Session 7. Too Deep, Too Soon: A Fool Vents Everything

Duration: 1:55

In Session 7, "Too Deep, Too Soon: A Fool Vents Everything," you will learn that the wise are quick to listen and store up wisdom and knowledge without feeling the need to say a word just to prove to others how wise they are.

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