You Teach: Volume 5

You Teach: Volume 5

Stop looking through piles of books or files of documents trying to put together the perfect lesson. The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, have compiled it all for you! In this new video series from the Skit Guys, you’ll get more than just funny videos! You Teach Volume 5 covers topics such as greed, true Christianity, and making wise choices.

7 sessions
Duration: 22:32


You Teach: Volume 5, Session 1. Too Deep, Too Soon: Wrong Love

Duration: 1:07

In Session 1, "Too Deep, Too Soon: Wrong Love," you will focus on the words you type, text, or tweet and decide if they are really worth your time and energy.

You Teach: Volume 5, Session 2. GreedHarmony

Duration: 3:02

In Session 2, "GreedHarmony," you will gain biblical insight into how God feels about greed and what it can do to your heart.

You Teach: Volume 5, Session 3. The Interrogation SVU

Duration: 5:01

In Session 3, "The Interrogation SVU," learn the right way and the wrong way of following up with visitors to your church.

You Teach: Volume 5, Session 4. Bull's-Eye Living with Stevie Stevenson

Duration: 5:22

In Session 4, "Bull's-Eye Living with Stevie Stevenson," you will learn that everyone misses the mark at times, but you can always refocus on God's bull's-eye and try again.

You Teach: Volume 5, Session 5. Idol Worship

Duration: 1:35

In Session 5, "Idol Worship," you will learn about the Idol worship that happens all around you, all day, every day, and in many different forms.

You Teach: Volume 5, Session 6. Sheep and Goats

Duration: 1:19

In Session 6, "Sheep and Goats," you will learn what it takes to be considered one of Jesus' followers and have the assurance that you will be living in heaven for eternity.

You Teach: Volume 5, Session 7. Tug of War

Duration: 5:06

In Session 7, "Tug of War," you will learn that the Bible not only speaks to this warring sensation but also offers insight into the force pulling on the other end of the rope—and how best to respond.

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