You Teach: Volume 6

You Teach: Volume 6

Stop looking through piles of books or files of documents trying to put together the perfect lesson. The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, have compiled it all for you! In this new video series from the Skit Guys, you’ll get more than just funny videos! In You Teach Volume 6, youth workers will find six new videos and lessons focused on relationships, along with a BONUS video that can be used in a main church service for the whole congregation.

7 sessions
Duration: 40:47


You Teach: Volume 6, Session 1. Stupid

Duration: 6:28

In Session 1, "Stupid," you will find out how you and your group can make a difference in the world and impact those who are hurting, hungry, or helpless.

You Teach: Volume 6, Session 2. Do As We Say

Duration: 2:36

In Session 2, "Do As We Say," you will learn the importance of the Bible's command to honor your father and mother.

You Teach: Volume 6, Session 3. You're Not Listening

Duration: 4:10

In Session 3, "You're Not Listening," you will learn what the Bible has to say about listening and what it means to your relationships.

You Teach: Volume 6, Session 4. The Skinny on Fasting

Duration: 3:57

In Session 4, "The Skinny on Fasting," you will learn that fasting is a conscious act of worship, petition before God, and sometimes repentance.

You Teach: Volume 6, Session 5. On the Way to the Cross

Duration: 3:09

In Session 5, "On the Way to the Cross," you will learn that you are the only one who can decide how you will respond to what Jesus did on the cross.

You Teach: Volume 6, Session 6. Let Me Tell You about My Best Friend

Duration: 15:48

In Session 6, "Let Me Tell You about My Best Friend," you will look at David and Jonathan in the Bible to see the true value of having a close friend.

You Teach: Volume 6, Session 7. Mercy

Duration: 4:39

In Session 7, "Mercy," you will learn that Jesus was the perfect picture of mercy, and you are called to model this characteristic in your life.

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