Today’s wives and mothers have been hoodwinked; convinced that serving their family is a subservient and antiquated role. Because of culture, family, friends, or lack of biblical teaching, many moms miss how valuable and powerful their calling really is. Some have bought into the pressure to be “Supermom.” Others have believed the myth that they can “do it all” and do it perfectly. Karen Ehman, popular author and speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries, and Ruth Schwenk, of, say it’s time to stop the “Mommy Wars.” They want to encourage and inspire women to embrace their roles as mothers wholeheartedly yet realistically, whether they work outside the home, have a home business, or are stay-at-home moms. This six-session video series will help you find a fresh new vision for an age-old calling as you tackle the challenge and embrace the blessings of motherhood. Sessions Include: Watch Video Button hoodwinked-study-guide Whether you go through the Hoodwinked series alone or with a group of friends, the accompanying Study Guide provides helpful questions to ponder and discuss, along with weekly challenges to help you put what you learn into action. Buy Now Button