Everything You Crave Leads to the Heart of God

You vowed to never repeat the same mistakes, yet here you are again, right where you started. What is it that keeps drawing you back? The fact is, your longings are built from the blueprint of your needs: for protection, for love, for God. And those needs aren’t going anywhere. In this six-session video-based study, bestselling author Sheila Walsh shows that it’s our longings that often lead us into such traps. She draws on her own experiences and the life of King David to reveal that all our longings are rooted in a need for God—and nothing else will satisfy when it comes to filling that void. Sheila speaks candidly about the trials in her life, including the heartache of her first marriage, and intertwines her story with the biblical saga of King David. As both Sheila’s and David’s stories make clear, some cravings are misguided, but they all stem from the same hunger—and they will haunt you until that hunger gets satisfied properly. If you keep reaching out to the wrong people at the wrong times in your own life, The Longing in Me will help you understand that your cravings are not the problem. It’s where they lead you that makes all the difference. Ultimately, the longings we all share can bring us closer to God and help us understand his incredible love for us. Perfect for personal or small group studies. Sessions include:
  1. Longing to Be Chosen
  2. Longing for Protection
  3. Longing for Control
  4. Longing for Happiness
  5. Longing for God’s Grace
  6. Longing for God Alone
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