Chuck Colson on faith, politics, and how the choices we make impact our lives and the world.

We are proud to feature The Charles Colson Collection of video studies in our Study Gateway Library. One of the most influential Christian leaders of our time, Charles “Chuck” Colson was a popular and widely known author, speaker, and radio commentator. A former presidential aide to Richard Nixon and founder of the international ministry Prison Fellowship, he wrote several bestselling books that have shaped Christian thinking on a variety of subjects. His radio broadcast, BreakPoint, aired to two million listeners. Chuck Colson donated all of his royalties, awards, and speaking fees to Prison Fellowship Ministries. Check out these powerful video studies by a man who learned to live out his faith. Doing The Right Thing: Making Moral Choices In A World Full Of Options In this six-session Bible study, Chuck Colson and Robert George, and an all-star panel examines how the ethical and moral breakdown hitting culture from all sides affects society. Through panel discussions, interviews, and live student questions it raises ethical issues in a non-condemning but challenging way, stimulating thought, discussion, and action. Charles Colson On Politics And The Christian Faith: Why Christians Must Live Out Their Faith, Promote Freedom, And Be Good Citizens From his time as counsel to President Richard Nixon to his years as commentator on the radio broadcast Breakpoint, Chuck Colson is uniquely qualified to provide an insider’s perspective on issues of faith and politics. In this four-session DVD curriculum, Colson’s discussions are neither “religious right” nor “religious left” but balanced, clear, and biblically based. The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, And Why It Matters Chuck Colson articulates the foundational truths of Christianity and how they compare to other belief systems. This study will serve Christians – and non-Christians- for decades to come. Chuck, along with Gabe Lyons lead you through six thought-provoking, soul-searching, and powerful sessions on the great, historical central truths of Christianity that have sustained believers through the centuries. Brought to immediacy with vivid, true stories, the truth of what Christianity is about and why it is a religion of hope, redemption, and beauty. header-4-19-sguides Be sure to check out Chuck Colson’s bestselling books and study guides for each of the studies in the Study Gateway Library. These resources will help you take your learning experience to the next level. Buy Now Button