How do we select content for Study Gateway?

Study Gateway is owned by Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, the largest producers of Christian books and video bible studies.  This gives Study Gateway a distinct advantage, because we produce over 90% of our content ourselves. In addition, we distribute content from Inciite Media, who produces original content for churches, featuring mostly authors from Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. In the past several years, we have sold our DVD’s to over 50,000 churches in the United States alone.  We’ve taken those DVD’s and made them available on Study Gateway for streaming, so we know we’re providing content that people want and use every day.

Our Criteria

We regularly meet as a team to decide what video studies to create.  Here’s some of the criteria we use:
  • Will the content match our statement of faith?
  • Does the material lend itself to self-study and small group study?  Even though all of our books have scripture, not all books lend themselves to a video study.
  • Can this study become a church-wide bible study?  Video studies, such as The Story and Believe are designed as church-wide programs.  Typically, it will be much longer duration (i.e. 30-weeks) and have supporting content for children, teens and adults.  This type of content is extremely expensive to produce and comes with various printed and digital supporting material.
  • Is there interest from churches?  One of advantages of partnering with Inciite Media is that we they are very much demand driven. They produce live events for churches and Study Gateway gets that content 90-days after the live event. Examples include the recent Islam and Christianity series featuring Lee Strobel and Nabeel Qureshi.
  • Will the video study help someone growth and share their faith?  This is our mission and we fulfill that mission by providing great content to our subscribers and encouraging them to take action.