Streaming Video FAQs

  • How do I watch videos on Study Gateway?

  • Help! I got an error message: "This email has already been taken."

    This message appears when you have had a Study Gateway account in the past. Login to your old account,* THEN click on the link in your confirmation email. This will add the video series to your library. 

    *Can’t remember your password? Go to LOG IN and click Forgot Your Password?. 

  • Help! It's telling me I need to subscribe. I thought I already paid for my streaming videos!

    You’re right! There is no subscription needed to stream the videos you purchased. If you are on a page that is asking you to choose a payment plan, or if you are in a credit card entry form, back out and click on the link in your confirmation email to add the videos to your library. 

  • Help! I'm trying to log in, and I got an error message: "These credentials do not match our records."

    You have entered either an email address or a password that is different from what is on your account. If you can’t recall how you logged in before, click Forgot Your Password? 

  • Can I share my login with anyone?

    No, your login provides individual access to the streaming videos, and is intended for the use of the purchaser of the streaming videos only. 

  • Can I play these videos for my in-person small group?

    Yes! You are welcome to play Study Gateway videos for your group, using one of the methods described above (from your computer, tablet, or TV).

  • Can our online small group watch this together on Zoom?

    Streaming videos are a great resource for a Zoom Bible study, but you might not want to actually watch the videos together on Zoom. For one thing, the video can jump from frame to frame and be uncomfortable to watch. Another concern is Zoom fatigue – it’s real! Rather than extending your Zoom time to watch a video during your meeting, consider making Zoom a “talk-only zone,” and have everyone watch the videos on their own ahead of time. 

  • Can I watch this series as many times as I want?

    Yes! This is a streaming video service, just like Netflix—only it’s better for you! There is no limit to the number of times you can watch the videos you have added to your library. And don’t miss out on Study Gateway Open, where you get the full first sessions of over 60 other series

  • I can watch over 60 FIRST sessions? What does that mean?

    In addition to accessing all the video sessions you have purchased, you have gained access to Study Gateway Open, where we give you the first sessions of over sixty studies, plus two complete marriage studies—permanently! You can watch the sessions in Study Gateway Open as many times as you want. 


  • What's the difference between this and Study Gateway's paid subscription?

    Your streaming video purchase gives you access to the video series you bought, plus the Study Gateway Open. If you want access to the entire video Bible study library, we offer monthly subscriptions for personal use, small groups, or churches.  

    Personal Plan: $7.95/month

    Small Group Plan: $19.99/month

    Church Plans: $49.99/month and up

  • What communication can I expect to receive? I don't want to be inundated with emails.

    After the first few emails that get you oriented to Study Gateway, you will be getting a weekly newsletter to introduce you to our different studies, and give you tips and tools for your own discipleship journey, and for helping others in their spiritual growth as well. You can unsubscribe from the weekly emails at any time. 

Any other questions?  Contact our helpful Customer Support Team
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