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  • How do I watch videos on Study Gateway?

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Questions about logging in and getting started

What does this error message mean? "This email has already been taken."

This message appears if you’ve previously redeemed a code or subscribed to Study Gateway. Login to your old account,* THEN proceed to re-start your subscription, or set up your group, or join a group. 

*Can’t remember your password? Click Forgot your password?  

Why is it telling me to start a free trial? I thought I already signed up!

You’re probably right! If you have already signed up and put in your credit card, you don’t need to sign up again. Let’s get you to the right place. Whenever you want to watch videos, from now on all you need to do is LOG IN by clicking in the top right corner, or clicking here: Login

Why do I get this error message when I try to log in? "These credentials do not match our records."

This message pops up when you have entered either an email address or a password that is different from what is on your account. If you can’t recall how you logged in before, click Forgot your password? 

Can I share my login with anyone?

Although your account allows you to be signed into Study Gateway from three different devices at once, your account is meant for your use only. One benefit of having your own account is that every time you log in, you will see what you were watching last, and you can keep watching where you left off. If you share your login with others, you will lose that continuity and your viewing history will be interrupted by those who are sharing your account.

If you have other people who would like access to Study Gateway, you may be a good candidate for a Small Group Plan.

Questions about watching videos with others

Can I play videos from my personal account for my in-person small group?

Yes! You are welcome to play Study Gateway videos for your group from your personal account, using one of the methods described above (from your computer, tablet, or TV).

Can our online small group watch this together on Zoom?

Streaming videos are a great resource for a Zoom Bible study, but you might not want to actually watch the videos together on Zoom. For one thing, the video can jump from frame to frame and be uncomfortable to watch. Another concern is Zoom fatigue – it’s real! Rather than extending your Zoom time to watch a video during your meeting, consider making Zoom a “talk-only zone,” and have everyone watch the videos on their own ahead of time. 

I have a small group/church subscription. How do I invite people to join my group?

<style=”font-size: 10.5pt; font-family: ‘Verdana’,sans-serif; color: black; background: origin;”>If you’re starting from

1. Log in
2. Click on your name or “Your Account” in the top corner
3. On the account management page, click your name or “Your Account” again for a dropdown
4. Click Group
5. Go down to Manage Invites

If you’re starting from

1. Log in
2. Click on your initial in the top corner
3. Go to Account Settings
4. Click the link to go to manage your settings.
5. Click Manage Group
6. Go down to Manage Invites

On the Manage Invites page, you’ll find two ways to invite people to join your group: you can copy the reusable invite link and paste it into your own invitation email, or you can enter email addresses and the system will send them an automatic invitation. 

Question about my inbox!

What communication can I expect to receive? I don't want to be inundated with emails.

After the first few emails that get you oriented to Study Gateway, you will be getting a weekly newsletter to introduce you to our different studies, and give you tips and tools for your own discipleship journey, and for helping others in their spiritual growth as well. You can unsubscribe from the weekly emails at any time.

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