Better Together - How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future

In a time when societal disruptions are rampant—have you wanted to cut and run?

Have you considered your own gender versus the opposite in a defensive way?

If we are honest, we all have. And that truth is where we begin to be set free. We are only as strong as our understanding of our differences—and they are many and varied and begin with each our fingerprint. But we were not created alone, or separately. We were in fact created of and from and in the image of the same God. Until God created man AND woman, he called everything he created 'good.' When he saw us together, he declared, "It is VERY good" Gen 1:1-31.

So how then, in a current state of division at every intersection of life, do we return to the flourishing of men and women together as originally intended?

In this six-session study, author, activist, and headlining international speaker Danielle Strickland will guide us through our differences and mutuality with a biblical lens and foundation. She will teach and inspire us to face the core challenge that drives all division—FEAR—and to change the story of our culture. We will transform and become examples of equality and equity as in the Garden of Eden where we were made better, together.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:07:56

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Better Together - Session 1 - Through Kingdom Lenses

Duration: 22:13

Better Together - Session 2 - Hope for the Future

Duration: 20:53

Better Together - Session 3 - Pulling the Thread

Duration: 20:04

Better Together - Session 4 - Embracing Difference

Duration: 22:02

Better Together - Session 5 - Replacing Root Beliefs

Duration: 20:51

Better Together - Session 6 - Transition to Thriving

Duration: 21:53

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