Discussing Mere Christianity

In this 8-session video group study, you will discover why Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis is one of the most read and beloved Christian books of all time. But seventy years later from when it was first delivered on radio, what relevance does it have to our world today? Host Eric Metaxas and a variety of Christian leaders (e.g. N.T. Wright, Tim Keller, Lauren Winner, Devin Brown, Paul McCusker, Douglas Gresham) help us understand the timeless message of C.S. Lewis in fresh ways for a new generation. The first purpose of this video study is to explore the positive ideas that C.S. Lewis has so eloquently written about in Mere Christianity for those who already call themselves Christian. The second purpose is to explain in an engaging, winsome and non-threatening way the basic tenants of the Christian faith as illustrated by C.S. Lewis to those who do not claim to be Christian. This study aims to fulfill the vision of C.S. Lewis of reaching people from all faith backgrounds.

9 sessions
Duration: 3:23:16

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Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 1, Our Sense of Right and Wrong

Duration: 22:18

Session 1, "Our Sense of Right and Wrong," discerns whether the concept of right and wrong is relative or absolute and gives you opposing opinions on the subject.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 2, What's Behind Our Sense of Right and Wrong

Duration: 19:41

Session 2, "What's Behind Our Sense of Right and Wrong," seeks to find who or what is the source of right and wrong.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 3, The Rival Conceptions of God

Duration: 19:03

Session 3, "The Rival Conceptions of God," compares the gods of other religions to the God of Christianity.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 4, Free Will and the Shocking Alternative

Duration: 22:36

Session 4, "Free Will and the Shocking Alternative," addresses the issue of why God allows evil in the world.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 5, Christian Behavior and the Great Sin of Pride

Duration: 21:20

Session 5, "Christian Behavior and the Great Sin of Pride," explains why God gave us moral rules, not to stop us from enjoying life, but to prevent bringing trouble into our lives.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 6, The Christian Virtue of Hope

Duration: 20:16

Session 6, "The Christian Virtue of Hope," teaches that Christian hope is to find fulfillment and satisfaction in the next life, and to make this world a better place while we are here.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 7, God in Three Persons

Duration: 21:51

Session 7, "God in Three Persons," shows the importance of knowing your theology and explains that God is three in one.

Discussing Mere Christianity, Session 8, Counting the Cost

Duration: 24:45

Session 8, "Counting the Cost," teaches that God calls us to be perfect, and he will continually refine us if we stay connected with him.

Discussing Mere Christianity, A Conversation with Douglas Gresham

Duration: 31:26

Douglas Gresham discusses the character of his stepfather, C.S. Lewis.

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