Everything You Need - Essential Steps to a Life of Confidence in the Promises of God

Are you searching for greater confidence, purpose, and peace? Are the pressures of this world weighing you down? Are you feeling overburdened and overwhelmed?

In this six-session video Bible study (study guide sold separately), bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah draws on 2 Peter 1:3–11 to show how there is help at your fingertips—help that will give you everything you need to walk life’s trail with resilience and strength. While many Christians feel unprepared to walk the journey of faith, you can be assured that God has provided the tools you need to guide your way—resources such as virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. You can live in confidence because of His promises!

Filled with practical truths, each session reveals how these gifts will enable you to develop qualities that will strengthen you to soar above your circumstances and make the most of opportunities that come your way. It’s time to unpack all God has provided and take your next step toward a life of confidence. After all, you already have everything you need!

6 sessions
Duration: 1:35:29

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Everything You Need - Session 1 - Prepare for the Journey

Duration: 16:13

Everything You Need - Session 2 - Survey the Trail

Duration: 15:16

Everything You Need - Session 3 - Stay the Course

Duration: 17:15

Everything You Need - Session 4 - Persevere on the Path

Duration: 15:27

Everything You Need - Session 5 - Step Out to Help

Duration: 15:17

Everything You Need - Session 6 - Reach the Destination

Duration: 16:01

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