Faith, Hope, and Luck

Faith, Hope, and Luck is a five-session, video-based study by Andy Stanley that will help your group understand the nature and importance of faith in everyday life.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:40:32

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Faith, Hope, and Luck, Session 1. Better Odds

Duration: 20:55

Session 1, “Better Odds,” explores how your views of faith change throughout your life.

Faith, Hope, and Luck, Session 2. Betting on Hope

Duration: 19:52

Session 2, “Betting on Hope,” explains that it’s not the amount of faith, but the object of your faith that matters.

Faith, Hope, and Luck, Session 3. Beating the Odds

Duration: 19:41

Session 3, “Beating the Odds,” illustrates that God’s promises are the bridge between your hope and faith.

Faith, Hope, and Luck, Session 4. No Dice

Duration: 19:12

Session 4, “No Dice,” explains that God allows hardships in your life so you can experience his power and grace.

Faith, Hope, and Luck, Session 5. All In

Duration: 20:52

Session 5, “All In,” states that living a life of faith means surrendering daily to God.

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