Finding freedom from your fears is easier than you think. Let Max Lucado help you or your small group explore and find a spiritual solution to the growing minefield of fear. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? In these six video sessions, Fearless addresses some of your biggest fears and shows you how the solution may be easier than you think.

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Fearless, Session 1, Why Are We Afraid?

In Session 1, "Why Are We Afraid?" you will learn what fear does to your attitudes and your joy of life and how you can fight it.

Fearless, Session 2, Fear of Not Mattering

In Session 2, "Fear of Not Mattering," you will learn to find your significance in God instead of looking to others for your value.

Fearless, Session 3, Fear of Disappointing God

In Session 3, "Fear of Disappointing God," you will learn that you can start over with God, let him clean your slate, and trust him to love you despite your past.

Fearless, Session 4, Fear of Life's Final Moments

In Session 4, "Fear of Life's Final Moments," you will learn that, because of your life in Christ, you can face your next life in peace, and maybe even look forward to it.

Fearless, Session 5, Fear of Global Calamity

In Session 5, "Fear of Global Calamity," you will learn how to handle the constant bad news in today's world and how to rest in God's peace amongst global unrest.

Fearless, Session 6, Fear of God Getting Out of My Box

In Session 6, "Fear of God Getting Out of My Box," you will study the life-changing moment when Jesus' closest friends witnessed his true, divine nature and how this event can change your attitude toward Jesus from one of personal demands to one of awe.