I Give Up - The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life

But I don’t want to surrender!

Have you ever felt those words bubbling up so deep inside you want to shout?

It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s human to want to be in control.

But when your need for peace surpasses your desire for control, God–who truly uses all things for our good–demonstrates how much we can trust him. The very act of completely surrendering our will to his can become the one act that will change your life forever.

In this five-session video Bible study, recording artist and bestselling author Laura Story demonstrates the ironic joy found when we surrender it all to God and simply give up. Surrendering expectations and power is not a step-by-step process but a willful, daily decision worth every single ounce of effort.

Though surrender sometimes flies in the face of our instincts, hopes, and dreams, it’s never without benefit. A surrendered life includes the surprise of a truly full and satisfying existence where trust is reasonable, reconciliation is possible, and relationships can heal.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:08:49

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I Give Up - Session 1 - What Is Surrender Anyway?

Duration: 18:44

I Give Up - Session 2 - God’s Character Matters

Duration: 13:42

I Give Up - Session 3 - Giving In and Up

Duration: 10:02

I Give Up - Session 4 - Being Transformed

Duration: 11:48

I Give Up - Session 5 - The Ripple Effect of Surrender

Duration: 14:33

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