I Give Up - The Secret Joy of a Surrendered Life

But I don’t want to surrender! It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s human to want to be in control. But when your need for peace surpasses your desire for control, God–who truly uses all things for our good–demonstrates how much we can trust him. Though surrender sometimes flies in the face of our instincts, hopes, and dreams, it’s never without benefit. A surrendered life includes the surprise of a truly full and satisfying existence where trust is reasonable, reconciliation is possible, and relationships can heal.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:08:49

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I Give Up - Session 1 - What Is Surrender Anyway?

Duration: 18:44

Living with humility does not come naturally to any of us. Willingly putting ourselves second or third does not seem to make sense. Surrendering to God’s will is a learned skill that takes a lifetime to develop. If we are honest, the idea of surrender can seem foreign, unnatural, even unattractive. But real surrender is not an effort to gain God's grace by works, but a humble response to God's free gift of love, friendship, and forgiveness.

I Give Up - Session 2 - God’s Character Matters

Duration: 13:42

There is a difference between surrendering to an enemy who wants to dominate you and a father who wants only the best for you. When we surrender to the God who made us, we are bowing our knee to the one who loves us most. Yielding to the leadership of Jesus is not acquiescing to a military power that wants to conquer, but it is embracing the one who wants to lift us up and empower us.

I Give Up - Session 3 - Giving In and Up

Duration: 10:02

For most of us, there is a natural propensity toward a "My will be done!" approach to life. It is easy to be swept into a mindset that says, "What I want is the most important thing of all." But God offers a dramatically different kind of life. One that is not natural but supernatural!

I Give Up - Session 4 - Being Transformed

Duration: 11:48

If we are truly asking God to teach us to surrender, it is impossible for everything to stay the same. When we stop saying, "My will be done," and declare, "Your will be done," everything changes. It stretches us to the limit. And we will find meaning, joy, peace, and a richness of life beyond our wildest imagination. Surrender to God changes everything...including us!

I Give Up - Session 5 - The Ripple Effect of Surrender

Duration: 14:33

Our motivation for surrender directly impacts the result of our surrender, on our lives as well as those around us. When we sow with self-serving motives, the results are often different than when we sow with purposeful and genuine motives for change. Surrendering our lives to God has a ripple effect. It's not just that people around us notice it; the people around us are blessed by it!

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