Nothing Wasted - God Uses the Stuff You Wouldn’t

Have you ever sat in church and hoped against hope no one would find out who you once were? Who you are still letting go of? Have you ever wondered if your past was just too much?

In a world that often encourages us to over-spiritualize, dismiss, or water down the messiest parts of us, Nothing Wasted presents a fresh perspective, showing God is a mixed media artist, lovingly gathering the broken bits and scraps of our lives to create a masterpiece of grace and redemption.

Bestselling author and speaker, Kasey Van Norman offers perhaps the most honest and vulnerable exposition of just how capable and willing God is to resurrect us from sin and redeem us from all shame.

This six-session video Bible study (study guide sold separately) will take the pressure off outing your past and expose God as the perfecter of everything that brings us shame or pain. God does not care if we are the reason for or the recipient of our messes—he wants us to understand the depth and magnitude of receiving his grace and trust him to transform our pain into something glorious! Nothing is wasted with God.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:06:43

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Nothing Wasted - Session 1 - God Doesn’t Waste Your Life

Duration: 18:30

Nothing Wasted - Session 2 - God Doesn’t Waste Your Relationship

Duration: 25:26

Nothing Wasted - Session 3 - God Doesn’t Waste Your Regret

Duration: 19:17

Nothing Wasted - Session 4 - God Doesn’t Waste Your Pain

Duration: 20:54

Nothing Wasted - Session 5 - God Doesn’t Waste Your Nature

Duration: 18:43

Nothing Wasted - Session 6 - God Doesn’t Waste Your Confession

Duration: 23:53

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