Real Relationships - From Bad To Better And Good To Great

The better your relationships — with friends, family, the opposite sex, and God — the better your life. This six-session, video-based study by acclaimed relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, will help you learn to make bad relationships better and good relationships great. It all begins with a single sentence that can revolutionize every relationship. After sharing this one critical point, Les and Leslie encourage participants to take a look back at their own family, which they call a “university of relationships.” Next, they provide the tools for bridging the gender gap and cultivating “friends of the heart” as well as how to improve what they call the Love IQ. Ultimately, you will discover how to peel away unhealthy religious clichés and get real about relating to God. This video can be used for personal reflection or for group discussion with the accompanying participant's guide.

7 sessions
Duration: 1:00:15

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Real Relationships DVD


Real Relationships, Session 1, Your Compulsion for Completion

Duration: 11:38

Session 1, "Your Compulsion for Completion," exposes the biggest lie of what people seek from relationships—that someone else can complete you.

Real Relationships, Session 2, Keeping Family Ties from Pulling Strings

Duration: 10:35

Session 2, "Keeping Family Ties from Pulling Strings," teaches that unfinished business and unspoken rules in the family you grew up in will affect your relationships today.

Real Relationships, Session 3, Bridging the Gender Gap

Duration: 10:47

Session 3, "Bridging the Gender Gap," compares the differences between men and women to understand each other better and be more gracious with each other.

Real Relationships, Session 4, Friends to Die For

Duration: 9:45

Session 4, "Friends to Die For," speaks of two types of friends in your life and the most important qualities of a great friendship.

Real Relationships, Session 5, Improving Your Love IQ

Duration: 13:19

Session 5, "Improving Your Love IQ," helps you understand the ingredients of love and gives a perspective on love that can carry you through a lifetime commitment.

Real Relationships, Session 6, Relating to God without Feeling Phony

Duration: 1:05

Session 6, "Relating to God without Feeling Phony," lays out the many different ways a person can feel close to God and grow in him.

Real Relationships - Leaders Introduction

Duration: 3:06

Leaders Introduction

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