Sacred Rhythms

Drawing on the imagery of the natural rhythms of the created order, Sacred Rhythms explores the practices that spiritual seekers and growing disciples have used throughout history to grow closer to God. In a similar way, the disciplines of the spiritual life are the basic components of the rhythm of intimacy that feeds the soul, keeping Christians open and available to God’s surprising initiative in their lives. In this six-session, video-based study, Ruth Haley Barton provides guidance for you and your group in a way that links the disciplines of the Christian faith to the most compelling desires of the human soul.

6 sessions
Duration: 2:29:23

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Sacred Rhythms, Session 1. Desire: Longing for More in the Spiritual Life

Duration: 22:59

In Session 1, "Desire: Longing for More in the Spiritual Life," you will learn that your desire for God and to reach for him is the truest essence of who you are.

Sacred Rhythms, Session 2. Solitude and Silence: Creating Space for God

Duration: 28:40

In Session 2, "Solitude and Silence: Creating Space for God," you will learn the importance of getting away from outer noise as well as inner noise so you can listen to God.

Sacred Rhythms, Session 3. Lectio Divina: Encountering God in Scripture

Duration: 28:46

In Session 3, "Lectio Divina: Encountering God in Scripture," you will learn an approach to reading Scripture that is slow and reflective that invites God to address you personally with what he knows you need.

Sacred Rhythms, Session 4. Honoring the Body: Flesh-and-Body Spirituality

Duration: 23:02

In Session 4, "Honoring the Body: Flesh-and-Blood Spirituality," you will learn to recognize your body as a gift from God and that honoring your body is an act that glorifies God.

Sacred Rhythms, Session 5. Examen: Bringing My Whole Self to God

Duration: 22:01

In Session 5, "The Examen: Bringing My Whole Self to God," you will learn how to look back at the end of the day for evidence of God's presence and see yourself in the light of his love.

Sacred Rhythms, Session 6. Rule of Life: Cultivating Your Own Sacred Rhythms

Duration: 23:55

In Session 6, "A Rule of Life: Cultivating Your Own Sacred Rhythms," you will learn how to put together your own pattern of habits in order to give God ample room for his transforming work in your heart.

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