The Awakening of Hope

This six-session, video-based study will help you and your group gain an understanding of a life with God that is inseparably tied to other people. A new generation longs for something different—for a faith that helps us see how we are connected to other people in gritty and practical ways that root us in a particular place, with a particular people, as part of a rich and living tradition. In The Awakening of Hope, Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove communicate the hope that Christianity offers through six ancient practices. In addition to exploring core beliefs, your group will explore what it means to build community among believers and a faith that leads to active service.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:40:07

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The Awakening of Hope, Session 1. Why We Eat Together

Duration: 15:38

In Session 1, "Why We Eat Together," you will learn insights into what happens when Christians share a meal and how to think differently about the food you eat and where it comes from.

The Awakening of Hope, Session 2. Why We Make Promises

Duration: 17:03

In Session 2, "Why We Make Promises," you will learn why making commitments is so important in our world today and how it sets you apart.

The Awakening of Hope, Session 3. Why It Matters Where We Live

Duration: 15:45

In Session 3, "Why It Matters Where We Live," you will learn of the importance of place in the stories of the Bible and learn to live out your faith where you live.

The Awakening of Hope, Session 4. Why We Live Together

Duration: 15:22

In Session 4, "Why We Live Together," you will learn why it is important to gather together and enjoy the fellowship of other believers.

The Awakening of Hope, Session 5. Why We Would Rather Die Than Kill

Duration: 21:57

In Session 5, "Why We Would Rather Die than Kill," you will learn of the kind of love that interrupts violence and how this kind of love can transform a community.

The Awakening of Hope, Session 6. Why We Share the Good News

Duration: 14:22

In Session 6, "Why We Share the Good News," you will learn the reasons why you tell others of Jesus' redemptive story.

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