The Bible Jesus Read

The Bible Jesus Read

In a series of in-depth interviews and explanations, award-winning author, Philip Yancey, covers five crucial segments of the Old Testament. The Bible Jesus Read, an eight-session, video-based study, approaches each of these major segments from a different point of view. Many Christians tend to ignore the Old Testament or dismiss it as impenetrable and obscure. Philip Yancey's combination of scholarship and insight brings new light to old material and stimulates new discussion, thought, and further study.

8 sessions
Duration: 1:36:39

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The Bible Jesus Read, Session 1. Is the Old Testament Worth the Effort?

Duration: 10:21

In Session 1, “Is the Old Testament Worth the Effort?” you will look at a few “snapshots” of what the Old Testament reveals about God and his relationship with you.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 2. Understanding the Old Testament

Duration: 12:40

In Session 2, “Understanding the Old Testament,” you will study the Old Testament themes and highlights to better understand the Old Testament as a whole.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 3. Job: Seeing in the Dark

Duration: 13:05

In Session 3, “Job: Seeing in the Dark,” you will discover what Job’s story reveals about God and your relationship with him and learn a different way you can respond to God in the face of trials.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 4. Deuteronomy: A Taste of Bittersweet

Duration: 14:56

In Session 4, “Deuteronomy: A Taste of Bittersweet,” you will look at some of the steps Moses took to encourage his people to focus on God and consider how these steps apply to your life.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 5. Psalms: Spirituality in Every Key

Duration: 12:51

In Session 5, “Psalms: Spirituality in Every Key,” you will look at the emotions expressed in some of the psalms and learn how the book of Psalms can encourage you to share more honestly with God.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 6. Ecclesiastes: The End of Wisdom

Duration: 10:03

In Session 6, “Ecclesiastes: The End of Wisdom,” you will study Ecclesiastes and why God wanted its message to be part of the Bible and learn what the writer of Ecclesiastes discovered about life and despair.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 7. The Prophets: God Talks Back

Duration: 12:29

In Session 7, “The Prophets: God Talks Back,” you will learn a different way to view the prophets and read their books and study scriptures using the new perspective on the prophets you have gained.

The Bible Jesus Read, Session 8. Advance Echoes of a Final Answer

Duration: 10:14

In Session 8, “Advance Echoes of a Final Answer,” you will discuss God’s personality as described in both the Old and New Testaments and learn how the two testaments work together.

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