The Case for Christ, Session 1. The Investigation of a Lifetime

Duration: 14:59

Session 1, "The Investigation of a Lifetime," introduces Strobel's investigation and points out that if Christianity is true, it demands a response.

The Case for Christ, Session 2. Eyewitness Evidence

Duration: 17:18

Session 2, "Eyewitness Evidence," delves into biblical eyewitness account and takes it apart to discern whether or not it is reliable evidence for Jesus.

The Case for Christ, Session 3. Evidence Outside the Bible

Duration: 10:31

Session 3, "Evidence Outside the Bible," brings out historical works other than the Bible that give an account of Jesus' life and death.

The Case for Christ, Session 4. Analyzing Jesus

Duration: 15:25

Session 4, "Analyzing Jesus," looks at the miracles of Jesus and what the people around him — those who followed him and those who didn't — believed about who he was.

The Case for Christ, Session 5. Evidence for the Resurrection

Duration: 13:05

Session 5, "Evidence for the Resurrection," focuses on several theories of what happened on the cross and the empty tomb.

The Case for Christ, Session 6. Reaching Your Verdict

Duration: 15:39

Session 6, "Reaching Your Verdict," brings out indirect evidence of Jesus' resurrection and divinity from sources other than the gospels.

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