The Land Between

In The Land Between, a five-session, video based study, author Jeff Manion uses the biblical story of the Israelite’s journey through the Sinai desert as a metaphor for being in an undesired transition. After enduring generations of slavery in Egypt, the descendants of Jacob travel through the desert toward their new home in Canaan. They crave the food of their former home in Egypt and despise their present environment. They are unable to go back and incapable of moving forward. The Land Between explores the way in which their reactions can provide insight and guidance on how to respond to God during our own seasons of difficult transition. God desires to meet us in our chaos and emotional upheaval to encounter his goodness and provision.

5 sessions
Duration: 1:08:16

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The Land Between, Session 1. Complaint

Duration: 12:59

In Session 1, "Complaint," you will learn that a time of transition is a time of growth—it can either grow trust or complain.

The Land Between, Session 2. Meltdown

Duration: 15:09

In Session 2, "Meltdown," you will learn the three things scripture teaches you to do when you hit bottom and how to genuinely find rest.

The Land Between, Session 3. Provision

Duration: 15:16

In Session 3, "Provision," you will learn to ask God to provide what you need one day at a time and that God loves to show his goodness to his children.

The Land Between, Session 4. Discipline

Duration: 13:15

In Session 4, "Discipline," you will learn that, though God's discipline is painful, he is at work to rescue something in you.

The Land Between, Session 5. Growth

Duration: 11:37

In Session 5, "Growth," you will learn that when you are traveling through a season of emotional distress, this is the time that can be a greenhouse for transformational growth.

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