Trigger Vol 2

Trigger Vol 2

Introducing the Trigger video series conversations from Youth Specialties. With video clips that hit on topics that matter to teenagers, you’ll find Trigger is the perfect addition to your program for starting discussions or illustrating points in your messages. Whether you use Trigger in your large group, a small group, or even Sunday school, your students will connect and doors will be opened for conversations that matter. In Trigger Volume 2, you’ll find five vignettes perfect for use in your youth group.

5 sessions
Duration: 19:06


Trigger Vol 2, Session 1, House

Duration: 4:33

As a father and son view some of the great religious structures of the world, this Trigger explores the question, “what, where, and who is church?

Trigger Vol 2, Session 2, Release

Duration: 3:47

This Trigger captures the emotion and mindset of a cutter to help shed light and understanding on a quiet epidemic affecting so many people.

Trigger Vol 2, Session 3, Action x Reaction = Effect

Duration: 4:46

This short story follows the main character, who finds himself being interrogated about a violent crime he witnessed, opening up the question, “What is the solution to war and violence?”

Trigger Vol 2, Session 4, Of Friends and Fanatics

Duration: 3:44

This Trigger paints a mosaic of the ultimate expression of love for mankind as viewers explore what it really means to love their neighbor.

Trigger Vol 2, Session 5, In Whose Image?

Duration: 2:16

We are made in the image of our Creator. But we frequently forget whose image we’re supposed to carry.

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