Why Not Now?

In a society where cultural adolescence is lingering into the thirties, it's no wonder Christian students often fail to confront the call to act meaningfully on their faith in Christ. God, however, posts no minimum age on discipleship, and Why Not Now?, a six-session, video-based study by Mark Matlock and Christopher Lyon, contains several examples of young people who were willing and able to do extraordinarily difficult things with their lives for God. Teens will study stories from the young lives of Miriam, Joseph, David, Solomon, Daniel, and Mary to find out why and how they said yes to God's call on their lives. Teens will discover that God can use their lives to do something that matters.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:03:38

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Why Not Now?, Session 1. Miriam: Risk Bigger

Duration: 11:11

In Session 1, "Miriam: Risk Bigger," you will learn the right risks to take for the right reasons even if those around you encourage you to play it safe.

Why Not Now?, Session 2. Joseph: Resist Harder

Duration: 11:16

In Session 2, "Joseph: Resist Harder," you will learn that temptations don't go away when you follow Christ and how to make hard choices that honor God.

Why Not Now?, Session 3. David: Believe Braver

Duration: 10:59

In Session 3, "David: Believe Braver," you will learn that you can rely on God to do what he has said he will do.

Why Not Now?, Session 4. Solomon: Get Wiser

Duration: 9:51

In Session 4, "Solomon: Get Wiser," you will learn that getting wisdom from God starts with humility.

Why Not Now?, Session 5. Daniel and Friends: Stand Stronger

Duration: 12:41

In Session 5, "Daniel and Friends: Stand Stronger," you will learn that there are things worth standing your ground for and that it takes commitment and guts to do it.

Why Not Now?, Session 6. Mary: Accept the Mission Now

Duration: 7:40

In Session 6, "Mary: Accept the Mission Now," you will learn that God has a mission for you and He will ask you to accept it like Mary did.

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