You Belong: Because God Is Who He Says He Is

Understanding who we are through who God says He is erases all the boxes we’ve put ourselves into. Discover five ways God names Himself in relation to us and how each name reveals a God who claims us, considers us, names us, and loves us. Belonging has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with Him. Unleash joy-filled freedom and learn to think more like a true Child of God.

6 sessions
Duration: 1:39:54

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You Belong Study Guide: Because God Is Who He Says He Is


You Belong - Session 1 - Do I Belong?

Duration: 12:13

You Belong - Session 2 - The Good Shepherd

Duration: 17:10

You Belong - Session 3 - The Heavenly Father

Duration: 18:07

You Belong - Session 4 - The Bridegroom

Duration: 17:40

You Belong - Session 5 - The head of the Body

Duration: 18:17

You Belong - Session 6 - The Source of Belonging

Duration: 16:27

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