You Teach: Volume 2

You Teach: Volume 2

Stop looking through piles of books or files of documents trying to put together the perfect lesson. The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, have compiled it all for you! In this new video series from the Skit Guys, you’ll get more than just funny videos! You Teach Volume 2 covers everything from identity to prayer to riches.

7 sessions
Duration: 26:12


You Teach: Volume 2, Session 1. Identity

Duration: 1:43

In Session 1, "Identity," you will learn that the devil is in the business of spiritual identity theft, but God delights in securing those who find their identity in their relationship with Jesus.

You Teach: Volume 2, Session 2. Dennis

Duration: 8:23

In Session 2, "Dennis," you will explore the needs of everyone around you and learn how you can serve them with love and compassion.

You Teach: Volume 2, Session 3. To Catch a Double Dipper

Duration: 6:24

In Session 3, "To Catch a Double Dipper," you will explore what it means to align your private and public self with the person God wants you to be.

You Teach: Volume 2, Session 4. Rich Young Ruler

Duration: 3:45

In Session 4, "Rich Young Ruler," you will find that Jesus can reveal to you the areas in your life that are holding you back from truly following him.

You Teach: Volume 2, Session 5. World vs. Christian: Prayer

Duration: 1:40

In Session 5, "World vs. Christian: Prayer," you will be challenged to find a balance between engaging in your personal Christian life and reaching out to the world around you.

You Teach: Volume 2, Session 6. Too Deep Too Soon: Hell Over Coffee

Duration: 1:00

In Session 6, "Too Deep Too Soon: Hell Over Coffee," you will learn when to move from shallow "coffee talk" into the deeper waters of biblical truths in a conversation with a friend.

You Teach: Volume 2, Session 7. Meet the Sanders

Duration: 3:17

In Session 7, "Meet the Sanders," you will think about your own journey of faith and the impact it can have on others, as well as learn the least effective ways of sharing the gospel.

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